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Divan Sets

Divan Sets
Brand: Comfysleep
The Backcare mattress features a firm orthopaedic spring unit and filled with generous layers of memory wool and other natural fibres carefully selected to provide support and comfort.The mattress is finished with a smooth white fabric, traditionally hand tufted and finished with a contemporary ..
£659.00 £1,009.00
Brand: Comfysleep
The Balmoral is a soft to medium 1000 pocket-spring mattress that moulds to support the shape of your body. Brimming with natural wools and cottons, the mattress has been loosely secured with traditional hand tufting to provide a luxurient sleeping surface. The mattress is finished in a stylish whit..
£659.00 £1,059.00
Baron Divan Set
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Brand: Comfysleep
The Baron is a medium mattress with a traditional open coil spring unit and filled with deep layers of natural fibres.The mattress is also part of our 'Healthy Sleeping Range' and is traditionally hand tufted to provide a stable sleeping area.The Baron makes it a perfect choice for a child o..
£239.00 £369.00
Brand: Comfysleep
The Conway mattress is filled with deep rich layers of luxuriously soft memory wool, with 1200 individually hand-nested pocket springs, moulding to the shape of your body whilst providing supreme comfort and support, allowing you to sink into a refreshing and undisturbed nights sleep.The mattres..
£1,109.00 £1,709.00
Brand: Comfysleep
The Exquisite has1500 individually hand-nested pocket springs, and is filled with rich deep layers of opulent natural fillings, including alpaca wool and the soft downy underbelly fur of the Tibetan camel, providing supreme comfort and support.A part of our 'Healthy Slee..
£1,509.00 £2,409.00
Firmrest Divan Set
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Brand: Comfysleep
The Firmrest is a medium firm mattress with a traditional orthopaedic open coil spring unit, and deep layers of hypoallergenic fillings.This mattress provides good support and is upholstered in a traditional 100% cotton blue striped tick, hand tufted for extra stability.The fabric has been c..
£409.00 £659.00
Brand: Comfysleep
With 1500 individually hand-nested pocket springs, the Kensington is one of our firmer pocket mattresses and is filled with dense layers of opulent fillings, such as Chinese horse hair, memory wool, lambs wool and cashmere. The mattress is tightly hand tufted tufted to pull together and compact the ..
£1,309.00 £2,109.00
Brand: Comfysleep
The Lincoln is a medium tufted mattress with 1200 individually hand nested pocket springs, filled with many sumptuous natural fillings including memory wool and finished with a smooth elegant gold damask fabric.The mattress is treated with a hypoallergenic coating as a part of our 'Healthy Sleep..
£959.00 £1,459.00
Moonbeam Divan Set
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Brand: Comfysleep
The Moonbeam has an open coil spring with rich layers of soft fillings and lightly hand tufted to pull the internal layers together. Due to its softness, the Moonbeam is ideal for a child or teenager's bed, as well providing comfort for an adult prefering a softer feel.The Moonbeam rests on a fi..
£279.00 £489.00
Brand: Comfysleep
We are proud to present our 'Moving Home Package!'A new and exciting package for anybody looking to save money, whether your moving home or simply need to buy more than one bed.By purchasing this multiple item package your saving yourself hundreds of pounds!!!In this pack you will get: ..
£1,100.00 £1,989.00
Brand: Comfysleep
The Ortho Pocket mattress has 1500 individually hand nested pocket springs, that mould to the shape of your body providing support. The Ortho Pocket is the firmest in our range of pocket-sprung mattresses and has been specially designed to aid anyone suffering from back pain.The mattress is fill..
£1,209.00 £1,809.00
Brand: Comfysleep
The Ultra-Firm is one of our firmest orthopaedic beds specially designed to aid anyone suffering from back pain.The mattress contains a traditional firm open coil spring unit which is covered in a hypoallergenic damask, and tightly hand-tufted to pull together the deep layers of fillings, provid..
£509.00 £809.00
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